Process + Filtration Products, LLC was founded to provide “process-proven” filtration solutions for fuel, oil, and polymer.  Your "Problem" dictates the "Solution".  One
solution does not apply to all problems.  In addition to filtration products, we also represent technologies that provide real-time monitoring and alerts for marine
vessels, engines, pumps, and gear boxes.

The products we develop or represent have “Solutions” that have proven their value by:
  • Providing a strong cost/value relationship
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing down-time   

"The Value-Added, Process- Proven Technology You Can Rely On".

Diesel Fuel. Oil. Lube Hydraulic

Dieselcraft.  Filter-Less Fuel Separator/Purification Systems, High Speed Oil Centrifuges

puraDYN Filtration Technologies  Hydraulic Fine Filtration       

  • Tan Delta Systems. Oil Quality Condition - Based Monitoring & Alerts

  • DigiVAC - Fuel Filer Alert  - Real Time Fuel Filter Status & Alerts
Polymer Equipment Solutions
Screenchangers. Melt Pump Systems. Pelletizers. Cleaning Ovens,
Screens, Diverter Valves, Hydraulic & Gear Box Oil Quality
Monitoring Systems, Hydraulic Oil Filtration.

Condition Based  Real-Time Monitoring & Alert Technology.
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